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EFDI Working Group meeting (18 September 2023, Rome, Fondo Nazionale di Garanzia) (9/18/2023 )

A delegation from FITD participated in the meetings of 3 EFDI Working Groups in which FITD actively collaborates: the Banking Union Working Group, the Cross Border Working Group, and the D3 Working Group.
The Depositor Guarantee Fund of Cooperative Credit Banks welcomed members of the 3 working groups from many European countries at its headquarters in Rome, and multiple issues related to the collaboration of deposit guarantee funds in both stable and crisis situations were discussed. In addition, the revision of the Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes in the context of the CMDI framework was addressed.

IADI ERC and EFDI Joint Workshop, 4 – 5 September, Berlin, Association of German Banks (9/5/2023 1)

On 4 and 5 September, FITD representatives participated to the IADI ERC EFDI Joint Conference on “Redefining the Financial Safety Net: Tackling New Challenges and Shaping the Future of Deposit Insurance” hosted by the Association of German Banks (BdB) in Berlin. FITD, as promoter and co-organizer, contributed actively to the organization of the events together with the IADI Secretariat and BdB representatives. Alfredo Pallini (FITD Director General), as ERC Chair, gave its opening and concluding remarks emphasizing the importance of the event in the context of the recent banking turmoil and the Bank crisis management and deposit insurance framework (CMDI) legislative review. Gianluca Grasso (Head of Risk Analysis and Interventions Management, FITD) presented FITD experience in banking crisis interventions as part of Session 2 of the Workshop on “The European Crisis Management and Deposit Guarantee Framework (CMDI) Legislative Package”. The presentation stimulated an interesting discussion on different intervention practices and on the CMDI which is currently a cornerstone of the international debate. The session was moderated by Riccardo De Lisa (FITD Advisor).

IADI 76th EXCO Meeting and IADI Biennial Research Conference (6th -9th June 2023 Basel - Switzerland) (6/6/2023 6)

In Basel, IADI has organized a series events of the Association: the Biennial Research Conference, the Council Committees and the Executive Council meetings. The Director of FITD, Alfredo Pallini, as Vice Chair of the Executive Council attended these international gatherings.

EFDI Annual Meeting and International Conference (24th – 26th May 2023, Budapest – Hungary) (5/24/2023 )

A FITD delegation attended the EFDI Annual General Meeting and International Conference “Stability in the European Financial Market: The Indispensable Contribution of the DGSs and ICSs to the Safety Net in Regulatory and Environmental Changes”.
FITD contributions at the event were numerous during all the days, in particular at the international conference with a Panel moderation and Speeches.

CMDI (4/27/2023 )

On 18 April 2023 the European Commission published the legislative proposal on the revision of the crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI) framework. The extensive set of documents revises in detail the content of the DGS Directive, BRRD and SRM Regulation.

FITD Vice President (3/16/2023 )

Today, FITD Board has appointed dr. Flavia Mazzarella, President of BPER Bank, as Vice President.

Press Release FITD and SVI (2/28/2023 )

A press release on FITD and SVI Annual General Assemblies of today is available in the Communications section.

Alfredo Pallini has been elected IADI Vice Chair (2/24/2023 )

Today, in Basel (Switzerland), at the 75th Executive Council Meeting of IADI (International Association of Deposit Insurers) FITD Director General – Alfredo Pallini - has been elected IADI Vice Chair, association with 93 Deposit Insurance Systems of the World.

FITD and Voluntary Scheme Annual General Meetings (1/27/2023 )

Today, FITD convened for the upcoming 27 February (on first call) and 28 February (on second call) the Annual General Meeting of FITD Member banks, to approve, among other things, the 2022 annual report and balance-sheet and to renew the membership of the FITD statutory bodies.
For the same dates, the Voluntary Scheme Annual General Meetings of participating banks was also convened to approve, among other things, the 2022 annual report and financial statements.

FITD and IID signed a bilateral agreement (1/10/2023 )

Today FITD signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with the Lithuanian Deposit Guarantee Scheme (IID - https://www.iidraudimas.lt/en/), within the framework of the institutional functions performed by the two guarantee schemes under EU regulations and the their membership in the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI - https://www.efdi.eu/ ).

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