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General Director

Alfredo Pallini

Team Advisors

Riccardo De Lisa
Christopher Neenan

The Offices

Risk Analysis and Interventions Management

Gianluca Grasso
Silvia Scamporrino

National and International Regulations

Manuela De Cesare
Raffaella Arceri
Amelia Epifani

Information and Communication Technology

Giuseppe Arpone
Pier Marcello Genuini

Statutory Reports and Reporting

Alessio Veccia
Elio Angelini


Alessandro Proietti
Silvia Lazzarino De Lorenzo

Secretariat and General Services

Debora Poli
Alessandro Dante
Daniela Casarin

Legal and Compliance

Francesca Calarco

Services for savers and Research

Francesca Pluchino

Help Desk: 06/699.86.393

Fax: 06/67.98.916

E-mail: infofitd@fitd.it


Organigramme and personnel

Organigramme and personnel FITD