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European Union: European legislation

Treaty of the functioning of the EU

DGSD - Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive

BRRD - Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive

CRR - Capital requirements Regulation

CRD - Capital Requirements Directive

State aid

Capital Markets

ICS - Investor compensation scheme directive

Deposit Guarantee Schemes

EBA Opinion

EBA Guidelines

Guidelines on methods for calculating contributions to deposit guarantee schemes - (EBA-GL-2015-10, 28 May 2015), ABE/GL/2015/10
FITD has implemented the EBA Guidelines on Risk-based Contributions and incorporated them into its model for calculating member banks' risk-based contributions, approved by the Bank of Italy according to the Banking Law.
The relevant regulations are contained in the Statute and in the Regulation on Risk-based Reporting and Contributions of FITD members.
Guidelines on stress testing of deposit guarantee schemes under Directive 2014-49-EU (15 September 2021)
FITD has implemented the new EBA Guidelines on Stress Tests of Deposit Guarantee Schemes, with the decision of its Statutory bodies of 16 December 2021.
Guidelines on cooperation agreements between deposit guarantee schemes under Directive 2014-49-EU (EBA-GL-2016-02, 8 June 2016)
FITD has implemented the Guidelines on Cooperation agreements between Deposit Guarantee Schemes.
EBA Final report - Guidelines on the delineation and reporting of available financial means (AFM) of Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGS)
FITD has implemented the Guidelines on cooperation agreements between Deposit Guarantee Schemes to fulfill its reporting requirements under Article 40 of the Statute.


European Banking Authority

Guidelines on triggers for use of early intervention measures pursuant to Article 27(4) of Directive 2014/59/EU (EBA/GL/2015/03 29 July2015)