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Code of ethics

Code of Ethics (italian only)

At its meeting of 15 October 2014, The Board of Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi) approved the text of the Code of Ethics. The Code sets down the values, principles and rules of conduct binding of all components of the collegial bodies and all persons connected with the Fund in subordinate and consultant work relationships. Establishing the Code of Ethics, in line with international practices and standards, was not a compulsory imposition from norms and regulations, but in the case of the Fund an expression of the willingness to conform the activities of whatever function inside the Fund to a clear set of rules, respect for which are essential for the fulfilment of its mission. Competence and professionalism are necessary but not sufficient traits for the accomplishment of the goals of the Fund. Allied to them must be behaviour based on the values of correctness, honesty, confidentiality, responsibility, sense of belonging, dignity and mutual respect. The Code of Ethics is a clear statement of the refusal of the Fund to engage in any activity that does not reflect the value contained therein. The Code integrates substantially the National Collective Labour Contract (Il Contratto Collettivo Nazionale di Lavoro- CCNL) in what concerns the relationships between the Fund and its employees. Any violations of the articles of the Code shall be pursued through the sanctions and provisions set down in the CCNL.


codice etico copertina